Best Legal NHL Online Betting Sites in Nevada

NHL betting is not only popular in the state of Nevada but also across the world. Even though NHL ranks firmly behind other tournaments like MLB, NFL, NBA, but it is quite popular when it comes to sports betting. Players like to bet by registering on the top NV online sports betting sites. The popularity of the NHL has not surged, and that’s why; this article is specifically for players interested in Nevada NHL online betting. Here you will get to know about the types of wagers, the reputable bets, how to calculate bets, etc.

List of Best Sportbook Sites for NHL Betting in Nevada
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Best Websites for NHL Betting in NV

Firstly, many legal sports betting in NV are available on the website, but our preference is to look for the best. It depends on various factors like licenses and certification, withdrawal and payment options, bonuses, promotions, etc. After considering all the aspects, choose the top NV mobile sports betting websites from the list given here. Alongside that, it is best to choose a website with the Nevada sports betting app so that you can place your bets from anywhere.

William Hill NV

It has an excellent mobile betting app to play different games and win rewards. The sports betting website is popular for offering ample bonuses and offers with a 100% bonus up to $150 on the first deposit, a 150% up to $200 on the second deposit, and a 75% bonus on $100.


BetMGM is the best site to start your betting endeavors today. You can bet on different sports to wager on. The site also offers real time odds to the players. You can avail a deposit match bonus of up to $500 at the time of sign up. It is meant for the first deposit.

888 Sport

In terms of safety and scam-free websites, you should go ahead with 888 Sport. Introduced in 1997, and it is a gambling website when you sign up and place a bet for $10, you get $30. The website has been created interestingly to keep players entertained while offering a great online gaming experience.

Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget is a legit sportsbook that has been operating in the industry for decades now. It has an intuitive betting app as well that will help you to play on the go. Apart from the welcome bonus, you can also expect a loyalty program.

Types of Bets in Nevada NHL Betting

NHL Betting OptionsIf you wish to start placing a sports bet, you must know the wagering types. After understanding the types, you should check the payouts that you will get if you win. The bets are:

Puck Lines

It is an NHL point spread, where the sportsbook provides the stronger team a handicap of goals. It indicates covering the point spread, and it is a great alternative to go ahead if you think that favorite will become a winner.


It is the simplest wager as you must select a hockey team that will win the game. The livelihood of all the teams, roster strength, head-to-head results, motivation levels, home advantage, fatigue, etc., are determined by the oddsmakers, and payouts are stated. In the moneyline, two categories are there, one is an underdog, and another is a favorite.

Total Betting

The real money betting sites in Nevada will set a totals goal line for NHL matches, where you need to select if the cumulative score will be over/under predicted by the sportsbook. If you think that the score will be above, choose on over, and if the score will be lesser, go with under.

Future Bets

When the season starts, the NV retail sportsbook will be releasing the NHL hockey odds forever team winning the Stanley Cup. It is odd, whose results will be declared in the future, so you need to wait for a longer time.

Prop Bets

Mostly, it is a special wager on Nevada NHL betting, which does not dictate the final outcome. It has been seen that many Nevada betting websites offer prop bets on NHL Finals. Here you can also place your bet on a player making at least three goals, one goal, or even two goals.


The parlays wagered on NHL futures markets do not use the traditional odds system as football and basketball parlays use. The payouts on parlays are calculated by the NHL championship odds of each leg of the parley.


The live wagering on NHL online in NV is a combination of odds like puck lines, totals, moneylines, etc. You are more likely to get a higher payout if you win every wager in live betting.

A Brief Description About NHL Season

NHL Season BettingThe NHL season is categorized into the regular season, the pre-season, and the Stanley Cup playoffs.

The Pre-Season

Generally, the pre-season session in NHL takes place during the last two weeks of October. Every team here plays around six to eight games, and teams might have split-squad games as well.

Regular Season

The NHL regular season takes place from October till early April and 82 games are played by teams. It has been played since the 1995-1996 season, and around 1271 games were scheduled.

Stanley Cup Champions

From every division, the three highest-placed teams, along with two wild cards, enter the Stanley Playoffs to determine the Stanley Cup champion. Almost 16 teams qualify for the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The All-Star Game

The NHL All-Star Game is an ice hockey game held during the National Hockey League regular season. Here many league’s star players play against one other with four players.

NHL Betting Tips in NV

The NHL sports leagues are the popular ice hockey league across the world ad around 31 teams take part in it. Seeing at the popularly, many sportsbooks have been launched for the sports fans, but before you start playing, it’s important to know the wagering tips.

Learn How to Read NHL Betting Odds

Before you know how to bet on the NHL, you must know how to read the NHL betting odds. It is the first aspect that you must do, as, without that, you will definitely place wrong bets. If a number has a positive sign, it indicates that the team is losing and is an underdog. But if a team shows a negative number and is written favorably, it is winning. Many people do things in the opposite manner, which is why they fail to win.

Know Your Bets

NHL Season TipsBefore placing the bets on match in NHL, you should know each one of them in detail. Every bet is different, and the information about it is given above. Therefore, you must be thorough with the details so that you do not waste much time in selecting the bets.

Check the Team’s History

Before placing a bet on the team, make sure that you have enough information about them. The more information you have, the better it would be for you to place the bets. Collect details like who all are playing, if anyone is suffering from an injury, etc.

Home Versus Away Report

Also, evaluate how the team has performed when it played on home grounds and outside. Mostly, it is seen that home teams have always performed well than outsiders.

Preparing a Plan

Prepare a plan before you place bets on the betting app for iOS and Android. If you do not form a strategy, there is no or negligible chance that you will win. That’s why; prepare a strategy, and it’s ideal to stick to that. However, it’s better not to copy any strategy as it will be of no use.

Latest News on NHL Betting

Things are definitely going to spice up before the NHL 2020-21 season starts. As of now, many predictions are made on the type of team goals and moves for the matches available. Well, Zdeno Chara has spent the last 14 seasons with the Boston Bruins, but there is no surety that the 43-year old defenseman will come up with the team next season. Zdeno Chara is almost at the end of his career and has been a great contributor. In a pair of assists and a 68 regular-season, he has nine assists and five goals, respectively.

Ending Note

Well, with all the above information about in-play NHL online betting, hopefully, you can now choose a licensed and regulated live betting website and start playing. Prepare your plan before you bet on individual NHL games in NV. Alongside that, select a website with NHL betting apps for Android and iOS users so that you can bet on events from anywhere. Therefore, start wagering on the all-star game, and win totals, and have a great wagering experience. So, what are you waiting for; it’s time to sign up and start playing?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to bet on NHL online in NV?

Yes, it is legal to bet on NHL online in NV.

How to bet on the NHL playoffs in Nevada?

To bet on NHL playoffs in Nevada, you need to first look for a licensed and reputed website.

How to bet on the NHL All-star game? 

The wagering websites will help you to bet on the NHL All-star game.

How old should I be to bet on the NHL in Nevada?

You need to be at least 21 years to bet on the NHL in Nevada.

What is the best NV site to bet on the NHL?

The best NV websites to bet on NHL are 888sport, William Hill, BetNow, Spin Sports, etc.
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