Best Legal Online Horse Betting Sites in Nevada

Race betting is in existence for decades now. Racebook enthusiasts have been making the best of the available opportunities to fill up their kitties with rewards. Betting on horse races is one of the popular variants of race wagering. It is also a part of sports wagering that is legal in different US states. Nevada horse betting is also alive and kicking. The Nevada wagering law allows players to bet on horse racing and other casino-style games. You just need to look for the best NV online sportsbooks for horse bets to place your wager.

Nevada became the legal gambling capital of the US in 1931. In Nevada, people are highly enthusiastic about horse wagering. Three different horse race tracks are operating in the state of Nevada: Elko County Fair Board Thoroughbred Horse Racing, Winnemucca Convention Center, and White Pine Horse Races.

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The Best Sites for Horse Race Betting in Nevada

William Hill

It is a popular sportsbook that has been using world-class software to provide an unparalleled wagering experience. The welcome bonus at William Hill is highly rewarding as with your first deposit, you will get a $500 risk-free bet. It is a great sportsbook app for horse betting. The land-based establishment was a big hit among the bettors back then. The sportsbook app of William Hill is also available on Android and iOS.

Golden Nugget

Yet another classic sportsbook that has opened its doors for online bettors is Golden Nugget. You can download the betting app on both your Android and iOS system. All the newcomers are given a $50 risk-free bet to kickstart their wagering journey. If you are looking for an ideal wagering site for horse betting in Nevada, Golden Nugget is the best place to start with. You can also use the betting app to play on-the-go.

Caesars App

Another gambling platform that doesn’t need any introduction is the Caesars app. It is rated among the top Nevada horse betting sites that you can trust without a second thought. All the new sign-ups are eligible for a 100% deposit bonus of up to $300 and a risk-free bet of $10. You must check all the terms and conditions for horse betting terms before registering to the site.

Types of Bets You Can Use to Wager on Nevada Horse Races

  • Horse Betting OptionsWin: It is the most straightforward bet where you just need to predict who will win the race. It is the best bet for beginners.
  • Place: A variation of the above, here you need to predict whether the horse you selected will finish first or second.
  • Show: In this bet, the horse you pick must finish first, second, or third in order for you to win.
  • Pick 3/4/5/6: As the name suggests, you need to pick the winner of 3/4/5/6 straight races. It is a complicated bet that needs precision and study.
  • Exactas: It is one of three exotic horse races bets. Here you need to choose two horses which will finish first and second in the correct order.
  • Trifectas: Another exotic horse races bet is the trifecta, where you need to pick horses finishing first, second, and third in the correct order.
  • Superfectas: It is the last of the exotic horse races bet where you need to pick the first four finishers in the right order from a single race.
  • Futures: It is simply predicting an event that is likely or not likely to happen.

How to Watch Horse Races in Nevada?

Racing tracks generally allow spectators to the ground. However, if you want to enjoy racing from the comforts of your home and bet on the same, you can seek help from sportsbooks. Yes, sportsbooks often provide live streaming of the horse races.

Sign Up Bonuses for Nevada Horse Race Betting

Whether you are betting through the NV sports betting app or site, sign-up bonuses are available for everyone. Here is the list of the best sign-up bonuses offered by the top Nevada horse betting websites.

  • William Hill ($50): William Hill has been a renowned platform for betting. The sign-up bonus here is a $50 deposit bonus that you can avail of on your first deposit. There are other impressive bonuses at William Hill that you can check out.
  • Golden Nugget ($50): Who would not like a risk-free bet right after they sign up at the betting platform? Golden Nugget offers a sign-up bonus of $50 of a risk-free bet to all the new players.
  • Caesars ($300): Exceeding all the bettors’ expectations, Caesars offer a whopping $300 on the first deposit and an additional $10 on sing up. It is the best welcome bonus you can avail in Nevada for horse racing.

Horse Racing Betting Tips to Keep Handy

You cannot escape the fact that you need some strategy to win a wager. Wagering on horse races can go in vain if you do not have some tips and tricks up your sleeve. To further ease your hassle of betting victoriously on the races, we have aligned a few betting tips for you:

Find Suitable Race Tracks

Your first priority should be to filter out the best tracks to place your wager. We recommend avoiding big fields. Wagering on lower grade races is beneficial for beginners as there will be realistic contenders. You can expand your betting horizons and expect good gains from it. You must be able to eliminate the tracks that are not suitable for betting.

Identify the Weak Link

Horse Betting TipsYou need to find the valued and weak link of the races. Playing against a favorite that is under-priced will be helpful. A horse that has won the previous races and in good condition will certainly bring your victory. You must steer through the market and find the best price for the horses. Weak links of the races are often overpriced; you need to steer clear from it and look for a horse that has drawn attention the most.

Focus on Smaller Stables

We are emphasizing smaller stables and low-grade races because these are the best opportunities for you to shine on. Avoiding big names that overbet is best to avoid. You need to get a different edge and select horses from smaller stables so that their performances can get you exclusive wins. Studying the stables before anyone else. Look for real winners by looking away from the obvious picks.

Check the Pricing and Get a Solid Reasoning

You need to keep an eye on the prices over fancy horses and also look for a staunch reason “why.” It is essential to check whether the price is simply hyped up, or there is a particular reason for it. Check reviews of the horse races where you can get exclusive information regarding different horses’ performances and prices. It is the best way to check the prices of fancy horses.

Engage in Different Horse Races Bets

An important rule that you must not forget is to use different types of bets available for you. There are plenty of wagering types that you can use, so you must focus on spreading your risk. If you are placing a bet to win, you must focus on distributing your wager into different horse races bets. Incorporate different bets into your strategy to get the maximum benefit from it.

The Bottom Line of Horse Races Betting Review

Nevada is the gambling capital of the US since 1931, and for all the right reasons. You can witness legit betting in the state of Nevada, and horse race betting is a prominent part of it. With the help of Nevada real money betting sites, you can make the most of this opportunity. If you know the right tips to wager and are aware of the best sportsbooks, you can easily steer through the competition.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, things got a little skeptical in horse race betting. Gradually things are getting a little pace, and the horse is back on track. Nevada will hopefully host some of the best horse racing events next year that will be open for wagering. It is important to understand the rules and strategies to bet on horse races. Only then will you be able to bet positively.

The base of horse race betting in Nevada is continuously increasing, and Nevada betting sites have made a major contribution to it. In this article, we have summed up all the major points regarding Nevada horse race betting that will help you make a better decision regarding wagering in the state.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to bet on horse races online in Nevada?

Yes, with legal sports betting in Nevada, you can wager on horse racing. You just need to look for the best Nevada online sports betting sites.

How can I bet on horse racing in Nevada?

There are Nevada real money betting sites that you can choose to place your wager. You can also look for mobile betting as well to wager on the go.

Where can I check horse racing odds in Nevada?

A majority of the credible sportsbooks offer real-time odds for the bettors. Additionally, there are sites that offer exclusive odds information regarding horse racing.

Are there options to bet on virtual horse racing in Nevada?

Yes, Nevada offers betting on virtual horse racing. Casinos under the banner of William Hill are offering betting on virtual horse racing.
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