Best Legal Boxing Online Betting Sites in Nevada

Nevada is home to the city of Las Vegas, which is the gambling capital of the West. Many Nevada residents participate in sports betting such as baseball and boxing. NV boxing betting is really popular as well. If you want to try it, then this guide will be very helpful for you. It’ll teach you how to bet on boxing.

Best Sportbook Sites for Boxing Betting in Nevada
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Best Websites for Boxing Betting in Nevada

Without an ideal sports betting site, you cannot expect to bet with your full potential. Hence, it is important to find the best box betting site in Nevada that you can choose to bet on. There is an abundance of sports betting platforms in the state that can make it difficult to make a choice. Here is a list of some of the best online sports betting sites in Nevada that will let you play for real money.


MGM SportsbookIt is one of the most reliable and well-known sportsbooks in the state of Nevada. It has been one of the main players in this field for decades. MGM is a full-fledged online casino and BetMGM is the retail sportsbook version of it. They also offer a lot of bonuses, discounts and offers for new players.

The welcome bonus at BetMGM is quite impressive. It is a match deposit bonus of $500.  Round-the-clock support will also help you in resolving the queries in real time. There are also other loyalty bonuses like refer-a-friend bonuses and more.

William Hill

William Hill SportsbookThis is actually one of the biggest Nevada real money betting sites and probably the best in the United States. It is a comprehensive online sportsbook that allows players to make bets on boxing games, horse racing, hockey games, and much more through a simple interface. It is fully licensed and regulated – and it happens to be one of the hottest establishments in NV.

Like other online sportsbooks, this sports betting site also offers new players a welcome bonus. It is a deposit bonus, wherein if you deposit $250, you will get up to $500 as a bonus. It is a risk-free bet that you can use in your wagering endeavors.

888 Sport

888sportEven though it has only been in the field for a few years, 888 Sport is one of the top online casinos and sportsbooks in the state. When it comes to betting on boxing online in Nevada, 888 Sport probably has the best setup. However, it must be noted that they have a pretty high rollover requirement.

888 Sport offers new players a very generous deposit matching bonus for all the new customers. If you deposit $10, you will get $30 as a bonus. When you make an initial deposit after signing up, you’ll receive double your investment with this bonus. You can consider it as a risk-free bet for your wagering process.

Golden Nugget

golden nugget casinoGolden Nugget is one of the biggest names when it comes to NV legal sports betting. It has been offering players with secure betting experience for years. They are very well-known for their online live betting services that you can utilize for your boxing wagering.

Golden Nugget offers new players bonuses in different ways. All the new sign-ups will get $100 for free bets. At this casino, you will be able to earn rewards points for your loyalty. You can also get special benefits and discounts by making payment through different payment methods

All these sites are the best pick to bet on boxing matches online in Nevada.

Types of Boxing Bets Available on Nevada Betting Sites

Boxing Betting OnlineFor the new gambler, here is a list of the most profitable and popular boxing bets that you will be able to enjoy while playing.

Bout Betting

It is also known as the outright winner bet. This basically allows you to bet on the winner of the match being played. Bout is the simplest type of online boxing bet that you can place during a boxing match. You can either bet on player A or B to win or on a draw.

Method of Victory Betting

This popular type of boxing bet is a good example of an in-play boxing betting type, where players are given the chance to bet on exactly how the outcome of the match is going to be decided. For example, you will be able to choose between a straight knockout, a technical knockout or some sort of disqualification.

Round Betting

This is an example that is generally preferred by seasoned and experienced gamblers. In this kind, sports fans bet on who will win and which round they are going to win. Apart from round betting, there’s also round group betting, which gives players more flexibility while they bet on the rounds.

Over/Under Betting

This is another one that is really popular in the world of boxing. It is very simple to understand. Players place a bet on whether the fight is going to go over/under a specified number of rounds. This is actually a very popular one. However, it is made usually by players familiar with boxing.

Fight to Go the Distance Betting

This is a special kind of online boxing bet type where players make bets on whether a given fight is going to “go the distance”. Over here, this phrase refers to whether the fight is going to last the full 12 rounds set aside. You should look into recent forms before you place this bet.

Prop Bets

A boxing proposition bet, also known as a prop bet is one of those which makes the gambling fun and thrilling. You can pick a fighter and make bets on specific aspects of the fight. Instead of betting on simple outcomes such as the winner or number of rounds, you can bet on events/win totals.

Organizations That Regulate Boxing Betting in Nevada and the USA

Organizations That Regulate Boxing BettingHere is a brief description of the different sanctioning bodies that regulate boxing betting and player rankings in the US.

  • Transnational Boxing Rankings Board (TBRB): The TBRB is an organization of journalists and freelancers which provides the authoritative top-ten ranking for professional boxing in the US and the entire world.
  •  International Boxing Federation (IBF): The IBF is one of the most influential sports leagues in the world of professional boxing. They sanction professional bouts and matches on a global scale.
  •  World Boxing Association (WBA): The WBA sanctions professional boxing bouts in the US and the entire world, and is also one of the oldest organizations in the field of boxing.
  •  World Boxing Council (WBC): This is a NPO that was first established in 1963, to sanction boxing bouts and to evaluate the performance of players. It is based in Mexico.
  • World Boxing Organization (WBO): The WBO is an organization that was first established in 1988 under the aegis of the Hall of Fame. It’s one of the major sanctioning bodies.

Some Reliable Boxing Betting Tips

Here are some of the most reliable and widely used tips and advice that you can use while you’re wagering on boxing betting apps.

  • Advice 1 – Follow the News: This is a no-brainer if you want to seriously participate in mobile sports betting in Nevada. Make sure you are updated on the latest events.
  • Advice 2 – Avoid Public Opinion: It is always a good idea to form your own opinions by using logic and gut feeling. Try to avoid getting caught in public opinion.
  • Advice 3 – Look for Value: If you’re just going to bet for fun, then you don’t have to look for value. If you want to be profitable, look for value.
  • Advice 4 – Research the Fighter: It’s also a good idea to bet on games when you’re familiar with the fighter. This is only possible if you have researched them properly.

Latest Boxing News in Nevada

The coronavirus pandemic did cause a temporary halt of all boxing matches and bets. However, lockdown restrictions are being lifted and you can once again wager on the boxing futures market in NV. Recently, the WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford defeated Kell Brook by a technical knockout during their bout at the Vegas MGM Grand Ballroom.


To sum up, this is basically all the info you are going to need if you go to bet on boxing matches on a casino or sportsbook app for iOS and Android phones. The best piece of advice you should remember is that you should always research the players and matchups thoroughly before you end up placing a bet.

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Frequently Answered Questions

Is it legal to bet on boxing online in Nevada?

Yes, it’s completely legal for adults to bet on online boxing games in NV.

How to choose the fighter to bet on?

If you keep up with the latest news, you can choose the right fighter very easily.

What NV sites are the best?

All the sites listed in this guide are the best for boxing betting. They have loads of users.

Can I bet on boxing through an app?

Yes, if the sportsbook you use has valid operator licenses, then you can safely bet there.

How to check odds for betting?

You won’t have to go to any trouble to check boxing odds. They’re usually provided by the sportsbook.
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